Created by Jerry Acuff, one of the top relationship experts in the world, ReallyLinked helps you easily and effectively cultivate your relationships with daily, weekly and monthly touch points with your most important contacts.


Import Contacts

You may have hundreds of connections & contacts, but the reality is that there are likely only a relatively small number—anywhere between 25 to 150 who really have the potential to impact your destiny.

Since you can’t make the time to stay in touch with everyone you are tangentially connected to, it makes sense to be thinking about who are those 25-150 who are crucial to stay in contact with.

ReallyLinked helps you cultivate those relationships.

Rich Profiles

With personal contact information, a historical list of your contacts in ReallyLinked, notes, built in Google and LinkedIn searches, and a direct link to your phone’s native contact system, all the information you need is in the palm of your hand.

Daily Touchpoints

Each day, ReallyLinked will help you cultivate your network, with a user created list of those you need to reach out to and deepen your relationship.

Custom Touchpoints

Of course, if you want to set up your own cultivation schedule, ReallyLinked allows you to do that as well.

Connection History

Never forget the last time you cultivated your most important relationships as ReallyLinked keeps a history of your touchpoints and allows you to keep notes on each of your interactions.

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