Why do I need ReallyLinked?

Watch our short demo video for a quick overview:

  • Out of sight, out of mind. Research has confirmed that you need to maintain consistent and persistent contact with your customers and those people who are instrumental to your success.
    • The average company loses 52% of its customers every 5 years.
      • Cost of replacing this business can be 6-7 times more expensive than keeping it
      • Number 1 reason for leaving: “our vendor has forgotten us”
      • Number 2 reason for leaving: “our vendor takes our business for granted”
    • Potentially lose up to 19% of additional business when you don’t ask for referrals
    • 66% of your business in the next year should come from your sphere of influence
    • 5% increase in customer loyalty yields 20-80% to bottom line profit
  • 70% of people get their jobs through their network of contacts
  • One study showed that you lose 10% of your influence every month that goes by without contact

ReallyLinked combines the best of both words: cutting edge technology combined with Subject Matter Expertise.

  • Subject Matter Expert: Jerry Acuff, best selling author of “The Relationship Edge in Business” and founder of CEO of Delta Point, Inc., successful sales and marketing consulting firm
  • Technology that integrates what you need to do with the ability to do it.
    • Most of the ways you want to contact that person—by phone, text, email, setting up a meeting, writing a personal note—are done through Really Linked.
    • Now you can go to one place— Really Linked— to access that relevant data (your recent phone calls, text messages, reminders, etc.) about each of your important contacts.

To maintain those important relationships requires consistent and persistent touch points

  • Staying in frequent contact is likely to pay huge dividends
  • Helps you treasure the relationships you have built

What is ReallyLinked?

  • It’s technology (an app) that is designed to help you maintain and leverage relationships (Relationship Pyramid Hopping).
  • It’s an easy-to-use tool that will help you cultivate your most important contacts efficiently and quickly.
  • It provides 3 ways to help you cultivate your most important contacts:
  1. ReallyLinked ensures you stay in contact with the most important people in your network on routine basis so you don’t lose influence with them.
  2. ReallyLinked will remind you to leverage your best contacts on a routine basis for mutual benefit.
  3. ReallyLinked will help you build relationships with contacts that are crucial to your success where the relationship is not yet where you want it to be.

How do I decide who to include in ReallyLinked?

You may have hundreds of connections/contacts through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks. But the reality is that there are likely only a relatively small number—anywhere between 25 to 125/150 who really have the potential to impact your business destiny.

Since you can’t make the time to stay in touch with everyone you are tangentially connected to, it makes sense to be thinking about who are those 25-150 who are crucial to stay in contact with.

Relationship experts have provided some suggestions:

  • Touch base with your top 50 networking contacts (i.e., the people that are most important to you in your network) every 30 days or so.
  • Touch base with other people in your active network:  once every 3 months or so
  • Touch base with current/past clients and prospects – once every 3 months; minimum 4 times / year
  • Touch base with hiring managers who have interviewed you:
    • Follow-up immediately after the interview
    • Touch base every 2 weeks to check on the status of the hiring decision.
    • Demonstrate your value and thought-leadership by sending the hiring manager helpful articles.
    • Show that you are motivated and are already thinking deeply about the company’s challenges. They haven’t yet hired you, and are already adding value to the business;
  • And for those people you don’t care about and don’t want or need in your life now or anytime in the future:  no follow-up required. Neglect away (at your own risk…)

How many contacts should I put in Really Linked?

  • We suggest you manage between 100-150 key contacts on a routine basis.
    • Enables you to contact 3-4 people per day in only a few minutes.
    • Requiring only 15-20 minutes of your time, you can effectively and efficiently contact 3-4 people daily; 20 people per week; over 100 people each month.
  • How often should I contact people? What is the recommended timeframe to set as a reminder?
    • People who are great at cultivating networks believe in persistent and relevant contact. This means contacting the person frequently enough to keep in touch but not too often to be perceived as bothersome.
    • One recent study shows that for every 30 days that you don’t stay in touch, you could lose as much as 10% of your influence. Even if this is wrong, and the numbers are closer to losing only 3%-4%, that is still too much. The reality is that we can’t afford to lose any influence with those crucial contacts.
    • Recommend that every 30 days (the system default), you contact that person either by:
      • Phone call
      • Text message
      • Email
      • Set up a meeting
      • Write a personal note on stationary
    • Only you can determine what is most appropriate at that given moment in time.

    What types of reminders or reasons for connecting are appropriate?

    Naturally these will vary by person. But some reasons you may want to reach out and connect with one of your contacts is:

    • To send them a relevant article that you think they’ll be interested to read
    • To send them a link to a website that would mean something to them
    • To have them connect with someone you know that could help them
    • To send a reminder that you thought of them when….
      • you bumped into  a mutual friend
      • saw a movie you discussed
      • read a book by a favorite author they recommended

    And sometimes you just want to ask:

    • How are you doing?
      • Let them know they are out of sight but not out of mind.
    • What can I help you with?
      • Before you ask people for help, it makes sense to offer to help them first.
    • Specific purpose
      • Have you had a chance to review/think about/talk about the issue/product/solution that we discussed?
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