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The Relationship Edge

Get a practical, actionable, three-step process to build and leverage important relationships. Most people know instinctively how to build positive, long-lasting relationships with spouses, friends, and even co-workers–but few of us know how to consciously and systematically build and maintain positive business relationships. For years, The Relationship Edge has successfully shown people how to build personal relationships and repair damaged ones with a proven three-step process.

Stop Acting Like a Seller and Start Thinking Like a Buyer

People love to buy. They love taking home a great product, and they definitely love getting a great deal. But, unfortunately for anyone in sales, people hate being sold. They hate feeling like they’ve been convinced to buy something or tricked into a purchase—even if they want the product you’re selling. That’s why sales is harder than ever, and that’s why you have to change the way you operate if you want to sell more and keep your customers coming back.

Superstar Selling Academy Online Courses

Designed to be engaging and mirror real-world experiences, Superstar Selling Academy (SSA) is a comprehensive online training tool that makes personal development enjoyable and relevant.  Four levels of training take you through each of the four fundamental components of reaching your goals.

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